10 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful and Healthy Landscape


1. Keep all bushes, hedges, and trees trimmed at least two feet away from all walls, screens, and air conditioning units in order to avoid property damage.

2. Springtime is best for any large cutbacks of any bushes, hedges, or trees.

3. Mow lawns at the appropriate height for the type of grass and climate.

4. Weed eat at the same height the lawn is mowed to keep a consistent look, you don't always have to be cutting grass with the weedeater.

5. Edge with light pressure down and towards the hard surface being edged, be sure to change edger blades often.

6. Over watering promotes weed growth, so only water as needed. Rain detectors for irrigation systems are very helpful when trying to avoid over watering.

7. Water once a week for 45 minutes with rotating sprinkler heads and 20 minutes with micro watering systems, be sure to follow local watering ordinances.

8. Fertilize the lawn four times a year, over fertilizing can kill the lawn.

9. Fertilize bushes and shrubs twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

10. Fertilizer will stain sidewalks and driveways, so be sure to sweep or blow it off any hard surfaces after application.

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