5 weeding tips from your local landscaper


Weeding your landscape is a tedious and ongoing process that must be done frequently. There are several techniques and preventive tips that can make the weeding process easier and more efficient.

1) Hand pulling weeds should only be necessary if the other techniques and preventative measures are not followed.

2) When installing mulch, shell, or any other ground cover first apply weed block below. Weed block prevents weeds from the soil below from reaching the surface through the mulch or shell. Weed block can be purchased at a local landscape supply store.

3) Use glyphosate application, otherwise know as Round-Up. Glyphosate is a non-selective post emergent pesticide that kills all weeds, plants or grass it comes in contact with. Glyphosate is a great tool to use when combating weeds. Purchasing a backpack sprayer from a local landscape supply store and mixing your own glyphosate concentrate with water makes it affordable and easy to apply. Applying glyphosate to areas with weeds every 3 weeks will kill weeds as they are first emerging and aren't very visible. Be careful not to get any glyphosate on desired landscape!

4) Preemergent pesticide applications can also be used, but are much more costly. Preemergent pesticides are applied to areas where weeds have emerged in the past and treats the soil not allowing weeds to grow in the first place.

5) Pre and post emergent selective pesticides can be used to treat weeds that are in the lawn itself, but must be done by a licensed pesticide applicator. There are many local pesticide companies and we would be happy to refer you to the ones we know do a great job!