Common Lawn Care Questions for Sarasota and Venice

Q: Does it matter if my lawn care company is insured?

A: Yes! Lawn care companies that are not insured are much less likely to be able to repair unintended damage to your home, vehicles, or neighbors property. Also, a lack of workers compensation coverage can leave the homeowner liable if the company is uninsured and not legitimately filed with the State of Florida.

Q: How often do lawn care companies mow?

A: It varies from company to company, but the typical lawn care company services residences 42-44 visits a year. This results in every other week service in the slow growing winter season and every week during the rest of the year.

Q: Do lawn care companies mow when it is raining?

A: It depends less on if it is raining and more on how saturated the ground is. If the ground is completely saturated from the current rain or previous rain then it is beneficial to not mow. If it is a light rain then there is no risk of harm to the yard and most lawn companies will still operate.

Q: What other services do lawn care companies provide?

A: Most lawn care companies can lay mulch, trim bushes and shrubs, install sod, and apply fertilizer.

Q: How much does it cost for lawn care service in Sarasota or Venice?

A: Cost is dependent on the size and unique requirements of the lawn. It is wise to obtain a detailed written estimate from any potential lawn care companies to avoid discrepancies down the road.

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