How do I avoid grass clumps after mowing my yard?


During the summer months grass grows at a faster rate due to warmer weather and abundant amounts of water. Although the grass looks greener and fuller in these months it does become much more difficult to maintain. The most common issue is grass clumps remaining on the lawn after it has been mowed. Below are several techniques to remove the grass clumps from your freshly cut lawn.

1. Using a large plastic rake you can rake the grass clumps into large piles and remove them from the lawn in garbage bags or a garbage can.

2. Cutting the grass more frequently is a great solution, but obviously requires more time commitment. Mowing every 5 days instead of every 7 makes a huge difference in the amount of grass that is cut and greatly reduces the amount of grass clumps left on the lawn.

3. Re-mowing the areas of clumps is probably the most common technique used. The trick to re-mowing grass clumps is raising the blade height .25 inches to .5 inches from the height originally cut at. This will allow the blades to still cut any high spots at a relative height desired and also collects the grass clumps and distributes them through the mower shoot.

4. Push mowers can present difficulties in the growing months when the grass is very thick. Push mowers often clog with thick grass and begin to miss spots because the blades are not spinning at full throttle. Periodically lifting the front tires with the blade engaged will shoot out the grass that is clogged, but another technique must still be used to remove the clumps of grass left behind in the lawn.

5. Mulching mowers are a great tool, but can often get clogged with grass, especially when grass is wet. Mulching mowers that are clogged will miss blades of grass and dump grass clumps periodically throughout the yard when grass is extremely thick. Disengaging the blades in a desired place and then re-engaging will often unclog the blade deck of any grass. You can also remove large grass clumps clogged in the deck by hand if need be. Many times during the growing months you must use another technique along with a mulching mower to avoid grass clumps in your lawn.