How does the cold weather affect my Florida landscape?

The most obvious effect of cold weather in Florida is the slowing of growth and the browning of grass. Grass goes dormant in the winter under most circumstances, dormancy is the stage where the grass reserves it's energy and slows its growth. Dormant grass is typically brown and dry at times. Water and fertilizer are two ways to combat your grass from going dormant. However, dry winters mean more irrigation usage to provide the needed water. Remember to adhere to local watering restrictions!

Plants and hedges can show signs of dormancy as well in Florida., Plants and hedges slow their growth and retain energy in the colder months much like grass. Plants and hedges are much more susceptible to freeze when they are freshly trimmed. Trimming of plants and hedges in the winter must be carefully timed to avoid damage in the case of low temperatures. Plants and hedges require much less trimming in the winter months so that's a plus!

Enjoy the Florida winter months of slow growing and more moderate temperatures! Arbor Landscapes is always here to provide a free estimate for landscape maintenance year round. Please call 941.927.8002 for a free estimate!