How to clean up oak leaves in your yard


Oaks are beautiful trees that are a great compliment to any landscape, however they do become a nuisance when they drop their leaves every year. Oak leaves are acidic and cause damage to grass underneath them.

St. Augustine grass is the most tolerant of the acidic oak leaves, but they must be removed within a reasonable time to avoid damage. Below are six steps to ride your lawn and landscape of oak leaves:

1. Using a blower, blow out all of the leaves from all flower beds into the lawn.

2. Alternating between a blower and rake, gather all of the leaves in one area. 

3. With industrial bags already inside of the trash can, place leaves in bags until full then tie and dispose of.

4. Sarasota County will pick up yard waste on designated days, so plan accordingly.

5. Once there are a manageable amount of leaves remaining then you can mulch them into the lawn with a lawn mower.

6. When blowing leaves off of a driveway you can use a closed garage to create a backstop to blow them against and then rake them up.