Is it time for a Spring yard clean up?


Spring is here and it is time to get your yard back in shape before the Summer season arrives. Spring is the perfect season for large cutbacks and the cleaning out of all flowers beds. Having your landscape prepared for the rapid growth of Summer is half the battle.

Now that the weather is a little warmer it is time to lower the height of hedge lines and trim back many flowering plants, such as hibiscus. Lowering hedge lines during the Spring season gives homeowners a leg up for when the rapid growth experienced during the Summer season happens. Large cutbacks are dangerous to a plant's health when cool and dry weather is present, however the Spring has certainly sprung in Sarasota, FL and the warmer weather and rain makes it the perfect time for cutbacks and clean ups.

Bed maintenance is large part of a Spring clean up. Many flower beds accumulate large amounts of leaves that have fallen over the Winter months. Flower beds will look much better and will be easier to work in once all the dead leaves and debris are raked out and removed.

Arbor Landscapes offers free estimates for Spring clean ups as well as monthly maintenance to avoid the need for Spring clean ups. Give us a call at 941.927.8002 for your free estimate.