The different types of sod and how to lay them


Arbor Landscapes does more than just mow your Sarasota and Venice yard. One of the most frequent jobs Arbor Landscapes performs is sod replacement. Re-sodding your yard is a great investment that promotes the health of your lawn, aesthetic look of your lawn and the overall property value of your home.

Sodding an existing yard is a five step process. First we kill all existing weeds and grass in areas where new sod is going to be placed, which typically takes 2 weeks. Secondly we use a sod cutter to remove all dead grass is the area where new sod is going. Next is laying the new sod that's cut at the farm the same day we lay it. The fourth step is watering and rolling in the new sod that was laid. The final step is applying water frequently over the following weeks to insure the growth of the new sod. Irrigation systems can be set by our sod technicians to guarantee adequate water application to the new sod. 

Picking the right type of sod for your Sarasota or Venice property is also important. Zoysia, Bahia and Floratam are three sods that have success when laid in the proper areas. Shade, water and soil content are all factors when picking the right sod. Arbor Landscapes provides free estimates for sod application and will provide information on the different types of sods, so the property owner can make an informed decision!