What tools do I need to maintain my own yard and landscape?

Depending on the size of yard you are maintaining a homeowner will need either a push mower or riding lawn mower. The self propelled push mowers are great for standard quarter acre lots. A residential riding mower is recommended for anything over a quarter acre as the time saved over the years will definitely be worth the increased cost of a riding lawn mower. You can always visit your local lawn equipment dealer and ask them for advice on which mower is best for you.

A weed eater is essential to reach those areas where a mower won’t fit. There are both gas and electric weed eaters available. A 2 stroke gas weed eater is recommended because of the increased power and longevity of use. No one wants to bother with extension cords when working in the yard. Two stroke engines require oil to mix with the gas before putting it in the fuel tank, so be sure to read the owner’s manual carefully.

An edger is needed to keep grass from growing outward over hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks. Like weed eaters there are both electric and gas edgers available. A two stroke gas edger is recommended for the same reasons as the 2 stroke gas weed eater, it has increased power and longevity of use. Extension cords can be a pain around driveways, especially with cars parked in them. Be sure to read the owner’s manual for the oil to gas ratio required for the two stroke engine.

A blower is needed to get rid of unwanted debris on hard surfaces such as leaves or grass clippings. There are electric and gas blowers available. Again, the two stroke gas blower is recommended.

A hedge trimmer is necessary if you have bushes and hedges that need shaping on a regular basis. There are both electric and gas hedge trimmers. Two stroke gas hedge trimmers are recommended for their power and ability to use without cords or the worry of battery life. Two stroke gas hedge trimmers need a mix of gas and oil just like weed eater and edger two stroke engines.

Hand tools can be very helpful for pruning plants and palms. Loppers are long handled with blades at the end that are similar to scissors and very helpful for palm branches and small tree limbs. Hand snips are helpful for small plants and bushes that need to be trimmed by hand.

Weed control can either be done by hand or by the use of chemical. Glyphosate is the concentrate that is found in Round-Up and other weed control products. You can find glyphosate based products at your local lawn care store.