Why should I hire a lawn care company instead of doing it myself?

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The average homeowner initially invests roughly $1,800 in lawn equipment when maintaining their own lawn care and landscape maintenance. This doesn't include the maintenance and upkeep cost of the equipment, as well as fuel. It's also safe to bet the quality of equipment used is not the level of a reputable lawn care company. Most importantly there is a huge time commitment when maintaining a properties landscape. Living in Sarasota is supposed to be about enjoying the hot summers and warm winters, not working outside in it. 

Arbor Landscapes has been providing top quality lawn care and landscape maintenance to the great residents and businesses of Sarasota County for over 10 years. Arbor Landscapes is dedicated to investing in top of the line equipment and providing a professional lawn care service to all of its customers.

We would love the opportunity to free up some time in your busy schedule and provide you the best lawn care service in Sarasota County. Give us a call for a free estimate 941.927.8002.