At what height should I maintain my grass?



    A common misconception is that the shorter you mow your yard the less you will have to mow it. Grass renews itself so quickly that this is not the case and often grass is harmed when cut too short.  There are numerous advantages to maintaining the appropriate grass height for your lawn. 

    Mowing with the blade height at a higher setting causes less stress on the grass; ideally you only want to cut off the top third of a blade of grass.  Taller grass promotes stronger root development and a healthier lawn.  Allowing your grass to reach a healthy height will allow it to fill out and prevent underlying weeds from getting sunlight, causing the weeds to die.  

    Below is a list of the optimal mowing heights for common Florida grasses:

    • Bahia grass: 3.0 in. - 4.0 in.
    • Bermuda grass: 0.5 in. - 1.5 in.
    • Carpet grass: 1.5 in. - 2.0 in.
    • Centipede grass: 1.5 in. - 2.0 in.
    • Seashore Paspalum: 1.0 in. - 2.0 in.
    • St. Augustine grass: 2.5 in. - 4.0 in.
    • Zoysia grass: 1.0 in. - 3.0 in.