5 Trends in 2019 for Residential Landscaping

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Looking to improve your landscaping this year? There are a lot of changes you can make for an impressive yard. Read on to discover more about 2019 trends and beyond in home landscaping.

1. Using edible and native plants.

With a greater focus on where our food comes from, how about growing something in your own backyard? That’s why more and more homeowners are using fruit and vegetable plants as part of their landscaping. Similarly, homeowners are moving toward the use of more native plants, which can help support local bees, birds, and butterflies.

2. Finding more than one use for landscaping additions.

Another trend this year is finding functional purposes for landscaping additions. “For example, a vertical vegetable garden grown on a trellis can also service as a privacy fence,” according to an article from Realtor.com. “Or, a retaining wall can including built-in seating, good for conversing with friends or watching movies projected onto a screen.”

3. Outdoor kitchens. 

If your backyard has a scenic view or perhaps a pool, you probably don’t want to leave it to prep your meals. That’s why outdoor kitchens are a growing landscaping trend. Beyond just a grill, some homeowners are adding pizza ovens and smokers for top-of-the-line outdoor meals.

4. Xeriscaping. 

This oddly-spelled word refers to landscaping that lowers or completely gets rid of the need for supplemental watering from sprinklers or an irrigation system. Instead, drought-resistant plants and shrubs are used, and the landscaping has more areas filled with mulch or gravel instead of grass. Although estimates vary, xeriscaping can decrease water use by approximately 50% compared with conventional landscaping. Homeowners who use xeriscaping often save on water, fertilizer, and lawn equipment.

5. Topiaries. 

Traditionally, most people think of topiaries as the specially shaped shrubs that are popular in English yards. However, the word topiary actually refers to any type of shrub that’s been designed in a different kind of shape. With the help of trusted landscaping professionals, topiaries can give your lawn a unique and inviting look.

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