Hurricane Preparation

8 Ways to Prepare Your Landscaping for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season began in June and continues through November 30. If a bad storm were to hit in your area, do you think your landscaping would be fully prepared against potential damage? Just like you prepare other parts of your home against potential hurricane damage, you should also take steps to prepare your landscaping. Here’s how:

  • Carefully consider the types of trees you want to plant. Some trees are planted in soft soil, which makes them easier to fall over during a hurricane, according to a blog article from Allstate Insurance. “The University of Florida says storm-wise planting should consider the mature height of the tree to help avoid future interference with fences, buildings or power lines,” the Allstate article reports.

  • Double check your insurance. In addition to your home and any valuables, make sure your policy covers important landscaping features, such as a pool, pond, and even hardscapes (hardscapes are hard areas in your yard, including driveways, stairs, walkways, etc.).

  • Make sure your gutters are clear. This will allow rain and storm water to flow properly, according to the University of Florida IFAS.

  • Take pictures of your landscaping before a storm hits. This will make it easier to track any damage that has occurred.

  • Know what items should be secured or moved inside if a storm is coming. This could include potted plants, lawn furniture, grills, toys, and yard art.

  • Check trees and shrubs to prune any away from the home and to get debris out of the yard before a storm hits, advises another article from the University of Florida IFAS

  • Get rid of any dead trees and shrubs from the landscape. Make sure to call a certified arborist to handle any hazardous trees.

  • Turn off any irrigation systems if a storm is on the way to your area.

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