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7 Symptoms of Dying Trees in Your Yard

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may have trees in your yard that are affected by disease or old age. How can you tell if a tree is on its last limbs, so to speak? Here are a few symptoms that indicate a tree may be dying:

1. There are dead or dying limbs. Look out for limbs that are gray and that break easily. Although these limbs may have some leaves, the foliage is not as full as it may be on other parts of the tree.

2. The tree has branches that don’t look attached to the tree.

3. The tree has an odd shape or is leaning more to one side than another.

4. Insects that are not usually found in the tree are making a home there. It’s only natural that some insects will live in a tree, but if you start to notice insects that weren’t present before, it could be a sign of a problem. For example, there are insects that cause the decay of a tree, and others that will eat the leaves. A trusted company like Arbor Landscapes can help guide you through questions you may have about normal versus not-normal insect life around your tree.

5. The tree lacks leaves or has very few of them.

6. The tree trunk has rotted-out areas.

7. There are areas of dead bark around the tree.

What to Do If You Have a Tree That’s Dying

The best way to proceed if you have a tree in your yard that’s dying is to contact a trusted landscaping company, like Arbor Landscapes. We can fully evaluate the tree and advise on the best way to proceed, be it with special treatments (just like we humans receive when we are sick), tree removal, or other steps. It’s always best to call us sooner rather than later, as a dying tree is more than just an eyesore. Depending on the tree size, limbs may fall and damage parts of your home and yard. Additionally, the cost to remove a dead tree is higher than if you call us earlier in the process. We can discuss with you the possibilities for tree replacement. 

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